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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS returns 0
Date:22:26:02 28/12/2008

> First I'd like to say thanks for all the help!
> Now I got 2.37 and I found I needed to change a setting on my GPS but now
> I start Kismet and It gets a coord.
> This is the only fix it receives
> When I flip back to gpsd I see this until I close gpsd

> gpsd: TIOCMIWAIT returns unchanged state, ppsmonitor terminates
> gpsd: => GPS: $PSRF100,0,115200,8,1,0*04\x0d\x0a FAILED
> gpsd: can't use GGA time until after ZDA or RMC has supplied a year.
> gpsd: unknown sentence: "$PMGNST,05.40,3,T,655,08.9,-02665,00*44\x0d\x0a"
> gpsd: unknown sentence: "$PMGNST,05.40,3,T,655,08.9,-02665,00*44\x0d\x0a"
> gpsd: unknown sentence: "$PMGNST,05.40,3,T,655,08.9,-02664,00*45\x0d\x0a"

This is GPSD being broken, complain to them, sorry.

Looks like it can't handle the NMEA your device outputs.


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