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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS returns 0
Date:03:29:34 27/12/2008

> > I am using a Magellan "Color" GPS with Kismet.
> > gpsd detects and appears to work fine on the USB connection ...
> > However when I start Kismet GPS = true on standard port it is not detected and Kismet does not show anything. When I turn on the lock in the .conf file i.e =true Kismet detects the GPS but it all returns 0
> > Why does this happen when this feature is meant to stop this?
> > Anyway How can I get Kismet to use the GPS
> > some more info
> > Ubuntu 8.04
> > USB GPS connection - Through serial adapter
> > recent HP Laptop
> > GPS has coverage
> > gpsd reports that everything is fine
> >
> > Thank you in advance
> + Everything is running w/ sudo ie ubuntu root

Try a different version of gpsd. They seem to keep changing how they handle commands (kismet has several workarounds to try to handle different issues with gpsd).

I don't know if they've fixed the packet parsing problem if multiple commands arrive in the same tcp packet, kismet introduces artifical delays to try to work around that.


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