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Posted by:spalanin
Subject:could not cross-compile
Date:16:00:49 10/12/2008

thanks for your reply...
I managed to start the compilation for mips target.
but i am getting this error now....

cannot find -ldbus-l

i went into the lib dir and found dbus lib is not there. How do I get dbus lib.
DO i need to compile dbus separately ? or any other are there ....


> > hi,
> > I tried to cross-compile kismet from a fc5 host machine to openwrt mips.
> > I am getting this error message when the build script executes ./configure file.
> > the error msg reads as follows "C compiler cannot create executables".
> >
> > then I looked at the config.log file and I found this,
> > mipsel-linux-uclibc/bin/ld: cannot find -luClibc++
> >
> > could someone give me any hints ?
> >
> > thanks,
> Your crossbuild environment is configured for uclibc but you're missing the uclibc c++ libraries.
> I suspect something might be slightly weird with your paths or libs dirs, since autoconf should only switch to uclibc mode when it detects the presence of
> -m

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