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Posted by:doctororange
Subject:Config file keeps resetting
Date:17:16:47 07/12/2008

> > The first time I configured kismet I put an error in my 'source' - the typo "ipw220" instead of "ipw2200".
> >
> > I fixed the problem quickly and all worked fine.
> >
> > However, every time I reload linux and launch kismet, the config file has somehow reverted to the version with the typo on it. I have to modify it again, save, and then launch kismet.
> This isn't kismet, this is your distribution. Presumably you're using some sort of livecd, or a distro that otherwise decided it was a good idea to wipe your configs. You'll need to talk to whoever set up your distro about how to undo it, Kismet absolutely doesn't do any config replacement on its own.
> -m

I am using a vanilla Ubuntu installation.
Thanks for the info.

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