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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Running kismet under OpenBSD
Date:12:22:02 05/12/2008

> Hi,
> i found in the documentation that my D-Link DWL G122 (rum) should work.
> "Known supported cards: Prism2 (wi), Atheros (ath), Intel 2200/2225/2915
> (iwi), Intel 2100 (ipw), Ralink (ral, ural and rum)"
> But, when I check the section "Capture Sources" I cannot find any Source type that matches my rum driver for OpenBSD (it seems only prism2 is supported there)
> So, what should be set to "Capture Source" when using a rum-driver USB Stick?

Never heard of it, sorry, no idea what rum is.

Prism2 is a special case in bsd, otherwise you should be using the bsd radiotap sources for just about everything since they SHOULD do the normal multi-dlt support.


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