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Posted by:Ikyn
Subject:Choice of 3 PCMCIA NICs - which best for Kismet?
Date:02:06:16 16/11/2008

> None of those look very enticing.
> The orinoco is ancient and has had historically wonky drivers. I don't know if the current kernel drivers work any better.
> I don't know what is in the linksys - if b43 can drive it, it wouldn't that bad.
> The third is.. light on information. Some sort of 11g, but what matters is the chipset. Throw it in and see what the OS thinks it is.
> -m

The Linksys is a Broadcom chipset. The driver windows uses is bcmwl5.sys
The unknown card apparently is a Realtek, and it uses rtl8185.sys

I'm sorry that I've given you the windows drivers names, but I'm still too new to Linux to find out this sort of information via Ubuntu.

I do also have a Belkin USB N-adaptor that I've rigged up in a Chinese knick-knack supply store oil spider, to make it directional. I'd really prefer to not use an ndiswrapper though.

If anyone wants to shed some light on the darkness that is wireless adapter use in Ubuntu, how it works, where the drivers are, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it. A FAQ or a tutorial would be very handy indeed!

Thanks again for your patience!

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