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Posted by:squigley
Subject:newcore compilation error
Date:14:16:26 14/11/2008

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> > I don't know either. It's a brand new install of Intrepid that I did about 5 days ago, so it shouldn't be related to conflicting with old library versions or anything.
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> > Thanks for your effort anyway, it's appreciated.
> Installed ibex in a vm. Had to re-org file entirely since for some reason headers don't behave the same there as they do on every other system i've got. Should build, now.
> -m

Yep, I checked it out again, and this time it does build successfully. I had some issues getting the binaries to work with suid root and not etc, but worked it out.

I got it running, and got a lot of:

ERROR: pcap radiotap converter got corrupted Radiotap header length

being spewed into the terminal, I'm not sure of the source of that.

I'm currently using an atheros ar9281 based wlan card, which is quite crappy, and doesn't seem to allow kismet to see much, and I've already sourced an intel 3495 to replace it with, which hopefully works better.

Thanks again for your effort and getting this working.

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