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Posted by:squigley
Subject:newcore compilation error
Date:15:42:07 12/11/2008

> > Hi, I just downloaded the latest svn newcore (12th November), and I'm trying to compile it on ubuntu intrepid. Configure gives the following output:
> > In function ‘int mac80211_createvap(const char*, const char*, char*)’:
> > error: ‘if_nametoindex’ was not declared in this scope
> > error: ‘if_nametoindex’ was not declared in this scope
> > error: ‘if_nametoindex’ was not declared in this scope
> > make: *** [iwcontrol.o] Error 1
> >
> > I've made sure I have the latest wireless.h file, but can't find any other reason for this error. any suggestions?
> You need a current libnl for mac80211 netlink control. Updating config to test for this and disable.
> -m

Ah ok, I just installed the latest libnl available in intrepid, maybe it's not recent enough.

The other packages I installed for configure to find included libpcre3-dev, libpcrecpp0, libpcap0.8-dev, libcap-dev, libnl-dev, libiw-dev.

I had tried using the wireless-compat drivers with a different kernel version, (which includes a newer version of mac80211) but found them to be less reliable than the older version included in the kernel (ath9k being used for an atheros ar9281 chip).

Thanks for the quick reply.

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