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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:NEWCORE & 802.11a CHANNEL_ID
Date:11:29:17 07/11/2008

> you probably understood that in this case above i was talking about "normal" Kismet and not about Newcore... :)

No, I assumed you were speaking about newcore since the rest of your post is about newcore. If you're suddenly switching to looking at how stable handles things, I'd have to go look at different code.

> how can we know about news on this issue? should we look here or at MadWiFi site?

There is nothing I can do if madwifi is putting the wrong values in the fields.

> > Testing w/ other applications, unless they use rfmon and the radiotap headers, is irrelevant.
> i just meant that "normal" Kismet couldn't show, as said before, a signal level of 20 dBm when other applications, under the same conditions, were showing 60 dBm and more...!?! it just wasn't right to consider that 20 expressed in dBm!

Unless the other application is using radiotap and rfmon to derive the signal value there is no correlation. Few (if any) other apps do. Iwconfig, networkmanager, etc most definitely do NOT.


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