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Posted by:frac82
Subject:NEWCORE & 802.11a CHANNEL_ID
Date:09:26:49 07/11/2008

> What is a "channel id"?
> What source are you using? What drivers? How recent is the code you're running?
> -m

channel_id is the channel number, Kismet Newcore "says" that in 802.11a it can't get any information about the channel_id (or something like that)... but it means channel number.
i don't know how recent is the code but grabbed it via svn yesterday morning.
i'm using an Ubuntu 8.10 with latest MadWiFi inside and Atheros chipsets PCMCIA.

p.s.: btw, in Ubuntu 8.++, with latest MadWiFi drivers, Kismet doesn't get the absolute signal level in dBm but it shows the difference between the signal and the noise level! even if the driver works correctly and the interface alone gets the signal in dBm! i tested this, even with other applications/platforms! i'm sure!

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