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Posted by:dragorn
Date:11:34:50 23/10/2008

> hi!
> i'm using Kismet with Ubiquiti SRC and Madwifi (on Ubuntu). i was searching for information about signal level displayed by Kismet and i found two versions:
> 1) on Madwifi official forum it's written that the newest versions of the Madwifi drivers (from 0.9.3 and ahead) give this value as the SNR (signal to noise ratio)
> while
> 2) on another article i found that with Atheros chipsets you have to do RSSI conversions because they measure this value as a percentage of their inner maximunm level supported...
> my cardbus has an Atheros chip but i use MAdwifi 0.94... which one shall i have to trust?!?
> thanx, bye

I trust neither.

If kismet gets dbm, it displays it in dbm.

If it gets rssi, it's worthless, because without a conversion algorithm rssi is meaningless, and if there was a conversion algo available, it'd be reporting it as dbm.


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