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Posted by:wifinder
Subject:Nokia n800 Capture source (Scratchbox build)
Date:13:04:33 13/10/2008

I used an older version of scratchbox, I just tested out a newer Scratchbox installler from the Maemo repos for Diablo, compiles fine but still same problem with captures sources.Note I have been using kismet-devel.
For a week now I have been using the old 2007-01-R1 which works great so far. Nothing special for the config options, --disable-setuid --disable-gpsmap --disable-dbus

> It is missing "HAVE_HILDON".
> In general with the newer scratchbox SDKs, the ./configure is completely broken. The test compiles for everything break - libpcap is there, pcap.h is there, the call is there, but the (for scratchbox) malformed compile lines won't work.
> What would be helpful is a "--simple-test" option to NOT check for all the internal stuff, i.e. if libpcap and pcap.h exist, don't test further and turn the option on. Same with linux_wireless. Either that or you would need to force everything.
> What version of scratchbox or what ./configure options did you use to get as far as you did? When I try, I get a kismet that is completely broken (I copy the 2007 release stuff and I can get that to sort of work).
> Also there is a permissions problem with the hildon on newer tablets - you must be user not root to enable the GPS. A patch is at:

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