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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Nokia n800 Capture source (Scratchbox build)
Date:13:01:39 13/10/2008

> It is missing "HAVE_HILDON".
> In general with the newer scratchbox SDKs, the ./configure is completely broken. The test compiles for everything break - libpcap is there, pcap.h is there, the call is there, but the (for scratchbox) malformed compile lines won't work.

First I've heard of any of this.

> What would be helpful is a "--simple-test" option to NOT check for all the internal stuff, i.e. if libpcap and pcap.h exist, don't test further and turn the option on. Same with linux_wireless. Either that or you would need to force everything.

If they don't include what is needed then they're useless, and pcap specifically not only has to be present but has to have specific features for some of the code paths to work. (Pcap cant log to a DLT it doesn't understand, if it's missing PPI or someone wedged in a really old one, rtap or 80211, which happens ALL the time, then it won't work).

Similarly, specific kernel options have to be available and change often.

The tests are there for a reason.

> Also there is a permissions problem with the hildon on newer tablets - you must be user not root to enable the GPS. A patch is at:

First I've heard about this, too.


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