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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS filtering
Date:07:25:28 07/10/2008

> You almost kill me... The reason is that I study WiFi localization, where signal strength is a very important factor. There are in my database a sum of 119 readings of signal strength < -50dbm. As far as I know/understand I should discard all of them, am I right? (To be honest there are 119 "problems" throught an entity of 52147 overall readings) I was wardriving using an Intel 4965N wireless card (not PCMCIA or usb dongle)

I think the fact that you have outliers like that should have been a hint things are wacky to begin with.

I have no idea how accurate the iwl4965 stuff is - it's pretty flaky in general in rfmon and seems to often miss a lot of packets and throw out some invalid data routinely, I haven't looked at what it thinks signal levels are in monitor.


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