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Posted by:giorger
Subject:GPS filtering
Date:22:45:35 06/10/2008

> Signal data is almost always absolute nonsense, I consider any signal data highly suspect, and all signal data to be useless as absolute values - it may be internally consistent, but it very well may not. Drivers are absolutely terrible about returning good values. Often without specs from the vendor, it's very difficult to even know what the signal info in the card means.
> -m

You almost kill me... The reason is that I study WiFi localization, where signal strength is a very important factor. There are in my database a sum of 119 readings of signal strength < -50dbm. As far as I know/understand I should discard all of them, am I right? (To be honest there are 119 "problems" throught an entity of 52147 overall readings) I was wardriving using an Intel 4965N wireless card (not PCMCIA or usb dongle)


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