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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS filtering
Date:22:13:12 06/10/2008

> Hallo.
> I would like to ask a couple of things.
> 1)I was wondering if there is any GPS filtering like no logging if HDOP is greater than a specific value, or if Number of satellites is less than a value.

No. Kismet only operates on the "fix" attribute - 2d and 3d data is logged, other data is not.

> 2)I was wardriving because i need data for a college project and noticed a strange thing. Kismet was reporting Signal Strength below -50dbm. To be more accurate there were reports of signal strength reaching -20dbm (!). Is this normal, or i should discard those readings?

Signal data is almost always absolute nonsense, I consider any signal data highly suspect, and all signal data to be useless as absolute values - it may be internally consistent, but it very well may not. Drivers are absolutely terrible about returning good values. Often without specs from the vendor, it's very difficult to even know what the signal info in the card means.


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