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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:question on damonizing or bg process
Date:06:53:23 03/10/2008

> > > Ok, I might have stumbled upon something. If I run kismet the first time just using kismet_server it will start to load and then zombie after a few minutes. Any sequential loads of kismet_server will produce the same results. However, if I load the full kismet application any sequential runs of kismet_server appears to function properly. This result persists through reboot, etc. So, it appears to be that the full kismet application must be run first before you can just run kismet_server. Have you ever seen this result before?
> This is on an Nokia Tablet OS 2008

The drivers on the nokia are significantly screwy - this is why there isn't a release of Kismet for it, I've yet to see it behave consistently or properly for any reliable number of times.


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