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Posted by:stewstank
Subject:question on damonizing or bg process
Date:22:17:18 02/10/2008

> > > Hey guys,
> > > I am trying to execute kismet_server as a background process so I can connect to it via a laptop or other device. (I dont like they keyboard.) Unfortunately, it isn't going so well. When I execute the script straight from the terminal it runs flawless however when I execute it from my init.d script it just zombies as a daemon (I am daemonizing properly) and runs for about 10 min as a background process.
> > >
> > > My script is as follows:
> > >
> > > sudo kismet_server -f config.file -s &
> > >
> > > If I have the & I believe it actually becomes more unstable. Has anyone had success with this?
> > >
> > > Thanks guys!
> >
> > I run it backgrounded or daemonized (& vs --daemonize) all the time w/ no observed differences.
> >
> > Sounds like maybe something else in your init path is messing with things.
> >
> > -m
> Ok, I might have stumbled upon something. If I run kismet the first time just using kismet_server it will start to load and then zombie after a few minutes. Any sequential loads of kismet_server will produce the same results. However, if I load the full kismet application any sequential runs of kismet_server appears to function properly. This result persists through reboot, etc. So, it appears to be that the full kismet application must be run first before you can just run kismet_server. Have you ever seen this result before?

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