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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:question on damonizing or bg process
Date:16:10:51 29/09/2008

> Hey guys,
> I am trying to execute kismet_server as a background process so I can connect to it via a laptop or other device. (I dont like they keyboard.) Unfortunately, it isn't going so well. When I execute the script straight from the terminal it runs flawless however when I execute it from my init.d script it just zombies as a daemon (I am daemonizing properly) and runs for about 10 min as a background process.
> My script is as follows:
> sudo kismet_server -f config.file -s &
> If I have the & I believe it actually becomes more unstable. Has anyone had success with this?
> Thanks guys!

I run it backgrounded or daemonized (& vs --daemonize) all the time w/ no observed differences.

Sounds like maybe something else in your init path is messing with things.


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