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Posted by:Cocod
Subject:Server is not reporting card power levels. No signal information is avaiable
Date:06:43:29 25/09/2008

> > Hello,
> > i have a problem with Kismet on my EEEPC901 with raltek 2860 wireless card,
> >
> > inside kismet, if i try press "L" on target it says: "Server is not reporting card power levels. No signal information is avaiable"
> > should i change something?
> Your drivers don't report per-packet signal data, sorry.
> Maybe a newer version of them might.
> > also my wireless card generally find 4-5 signals,
> > but inside kismet i found just 1 (and its signal its not so strong)
> > i dont know why..
> >
> Sounds like buggy drivers in rfmon - again, maybe a newer version of the drivers (which usually implies a newer kernel) might resolve some of this.
> If you run tcpdump while kismet is running, and see networks beaconing there that kismet isn't reporting, do 'tcpdump -s 0 -w foo.dump -i ra0' and save a log of the traffic and put it somewhere I can get to and I'll see if it's a kismet bug causing it to miss some packets - but it probably isn't, if kismet is seeing any networks in the first place w/ your card.
> -m

sorry my chipset is ralink 2860 not raltek

i followed your instruction, if i launch your command while kismet is running, i have:

- andrea@andrea-laptop:~$ sudo tcpdump -s 0 -w foo.dump -i ra0
- tcpdump: listening on ra0, link-type PRISM_HEADER (802.11 plus Prism
- header), capture size 65535 bytes

and nothing happens. if i press ctrl+c it closes and give me:

497 packets captured
497 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

any solutions?
thank u :((

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