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Posted by:Conax
Subject:set Kismet on a fix channel
Date:08:18:00 23/09/2008

First I'm from Germany so my english skills aren't perfect but I will give my best.

I've installed Kismet on my Suse 10.3 (Linux System).
It works good but there is a small thing that upsets me. When I set Kismet on a fix channel (Kismet -X -l 2) it takes evrytime channel number 6 and not channel 2 or other channels.I Iooked in the kismet.conf file but I didn't found a solution there to fix this problem.

I set my card with airmon-ng in monitor mode (./airmon-ng start wifi0 2) but I don't know why this program (kismet) only likes channel number 6 as fix channel. When I start Kismet normal (Kismet) than it scans all channels (2,1,3,4,......)

So my question is how can I set kismet to another fix channel? (not 6 :-) )

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