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Posted by:RNewman
Subject:Driver access difference between devl and newcore
Date:13:36:14 16/09/2008

> > I've been able to isolate where the problem, but not what is the cause. From my gdb experience I kept see the Packetsourcetracker::Poll just spinning and falling through the Sweep. desc kept showing a positive value, meaning that FD_ISSET kept returning 0. I commented it out in the Poll function and new-core server started to collect packets and record networks. Unfortunately while the client connected to the server, nothing was displayed in the UI screen.
> >
> > It appears that something has changed with the SELECT/FD_SET/FD_ISSET in the later kernels. I'll let you know if I find it.
> I'm running the latest released kernel for this test. Nothing has changed with select behavior - nearly every program on the system would fail if it had.
> It sounds, actually, like you may have an old libpcap which isn't handling things properly. Make sure you have the latest.
> -m
And the light bulb may have just gone off. I'll pull the latest libpcap and let you know the results. I dug deeper in the code yesterday and realized that if the select/pd_isset were not functioning then lots of stuff would stop working.

Thanks for being so patient with me.

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