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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Driver access difference between devl and newcore
Date:13:31:30 16/09/2008

> I've been able to isolate where the problem, but not what is the cause. From my gdb experience I kept see the Packetsourcetracker::Poll just spinning and falling through the Sweep. desc kept showing a positive value, meaning that FD_ISSET kept returning 0. I commented it out in the Poll function and new-core server started to collect packets and record networks. Unfortunately while the client connected to the server, nothing was displayed in the UI screen.
> It appears that something has changed with the SELECT/FD_SET/FD_ISSET in the later kernels. I'll let you know if I find it.

I'm running the latest released kernel for this test. Nothing has changed with select behavior - nearly every program on the system would fail if it had.

It sounds, actually, like you may have an old libpcap which isn't handling things properly. Make sure you have the latest.


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