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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:need to not dump or record beacon frames
Date:13:46:03 11/09/2008

> I know this must have been asked before but I've searched the forum and cannot find a method to do this.
> I'd like to stop the logging of beacon frames. In the kismet.conf I have beaconlog=false but they are still being logged by the thousands.
> Thanks in advance.

beaconlog=false should cause it to log one beacon per network - if you're seeing a flood of networks you'll still get a lot of beacons logged.

Make sure you have 'false' in lower-case - usually I use != "true" but in this case it seems I used == "false" which could lead it to miss "FALSE" or "False".

It also should say if it's filtering beacons during startup.


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