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Posted by:nickk9
Subject:kismet on rtl8187SE
Date:13:53:56 02/09/2008


Cant get kismet work on msi wind u90x notebook having rtl8187se wifi mac (pci ids: 10ec:8189). I set kismet use rt8180 driver. It starts ok but finds no networks.When it starts, it sets wifi to monitor mode and iwlist scan shows 'no scan info available'. But if i do iwconfig mode managed && ifconfig up (then iwlist scan shows networks found) before starting kismet - it finds a bit of network just on its start (as i undertand - same result as iwlist scan in managed mode) and then again stops finding any (it puts the device to monitor mode and iwlist scan shows nothing too).
So i suppose the problem that device does scan in managed mode but not in monitor mode and kismet expect it to scan in monitor mode.
What can i do to make kismet work ?

Thanks for any answer ;)

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