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Posted by:HighTower
Subject:gpsmap logic bomb
Date:11:59:30 02/09/2008

gpsmap --user-map "Desktop/14-nelson-2119.gif" -t -r -s 17459 -c 49.60169925531044,-117.09228515625 -o Desktop/test2.jpg /var/log/kismet/Kismet-Sep-01-2008-1.gps

The option --user-map is supposed to let me provide my own map, onto which gpsmap should draw it's network ranges and track.

Running the above command results in this error message:
FATAL: Cannot provide a user map to the nullmap source.

Now, the nullmap source is a default (-1) and in the list of map sources there is no choice to override that.

Is this a bug or am I messing up the command?

thx in advance,


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