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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:filter_tracker, dump, export confusion
Date:11:23:01 02/09/2008

> I am confused over the differences between filter_tracker, dump, export. The kismet.conf file specifies:
> Packet filtering options:
> # filter_tracker - Packets filtered from the tracker are not processed or
> # recorded in any way.
> # filter_dump - Packets filtered at the dump level are tracked, displayed,
> # and written to the csv/xml/network/etc files, but not
> # recorded in the packet dump
> # filter_export - Controls what packets influence the exported CSV, network,
> # xml, gps, etc files.

Tracker means it's not being put in the tracking system, meaning it networks won't be logged for them, etc.

Dump means it's filtered at the pcap write level.

Export means bssids won't be logged but will be tracked during runtime.


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