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Posted by:acid
Subject:Problem (kismet, wrt54gl & tomato 1.21)
Date:03:04:39 02/09/2008

> Are you connecting to it with kismet_server? (not kismet_client!)
> Are you running the same versions on both ends?
> -m

yes, that were the same versions and I did it reading this site, I've compiled&installed newest version 2008-05-R1 on the Ubuntu but I cannot even run drone from it on wrt54gl. I've edited&gived rights&copied new kismet_drone.conf to /etc/ and new kismet_drone to /jffs/, when I'am trying to run it on wrt54gl:

kismet_drone: kismet_drone: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

ergh, what's going on? I didn't edited that file :(...

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