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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet server on windows and ...
Date:08:21:47 29/08/2008

> Hello,
> Can I run the server on Windows machine and my drones on different platforms ?


> How do the drones communicates with the server ...what protocol, mechanism ....

TCP. Whatever port you configured. 3501 by default. Custom protocol. kismet-stable uses a limited protocol which requires all versions to be in sync (within a certain amount of fuzz, most recent revs will all co-exist with eachother, but for sanity you should keep your drones and server versions the same). kismet-newcore uses a new any:any protocol which negotiates a minimum level of compatibility (within newcore, that is, it drops compatibility with the old code in favor of future compatibility with itself).

> Will I need change the firewall settings on windows machine ?

You need to allow outgoing connections to whatever port you told the drone to be on. The server connects to the drones, so you don't need to allow incoming connections in windows.


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