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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:does kismet works with rt73usb?
Date:17:46:08 21/08/2008

> i have an usb adaptor dwl-122g Ver. C1 Firm vers 3, i'm a newbie..but from what i have understood this device use rt73usb drivers....would kismet work anyway? for example writing rt73 in the file kismet.conf ? i tried that...kismet started but didn't find any network..
> thanks for helping

Depends on the variant of the driver.

Many mac80211 based drivers (new in kernel stuff) tend to not work so well in rfmon at the moment since the driver base is in such flux - try the latest drivers. the older serialmonkey drivers definitely worked, but probably don't work with the current kernels (check his site tho to see)

Kismet has definitely worked on them in the past, and so long as you get drivers which have working rfmon it'll definitely work on them now.


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