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Posted by:RNewman
Subject:Newcore Drone / Server Configuration - again
Date:06:31:05 20/08/2008

Okay, I'm at it again. I've got the latest newcore build 2423 from svn compiled with pcap, etc. It is currently running in the stand alone client/server configuration just fine. I've got three systems, one ubuntu 8.04 desktop one ubuntu 8.04 server and one ubuntu 8.10 server. My wireless cards are one zyxel usb and two d-link atheros cards. Again all work just fine in the client/server configuration.

I would like to run all these (and more) in the drone configuration, however no matter what I try, I can not get a drone to collection information. I have even created a tcpdump/pcap file and fed that into the drone. Again, it just sits there without any indication that it is processing packets.

Here is the output from the drone run using the pcap file:
rnewman@rnewman-desktop:~/kismet-newcore-latest$ sudo ./kismet_drone -f /etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
INFO: Reading from config file /etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf
INFO: Setting drone connection buffer to 65535 bytes
INFO: No specific sources named, all sources defined in kismet.conf will be
INFO: Channel hopping enabled in config file
INFO: Channel splitting enabled in config file
INFO: Created Kismet drone TCP server on port 2502
INFO: Dropped privs to rnewman (1000) gid 1000
ERROR: Failed to open primary plugin directory (/usr/local/lib/kismet/): No
such file or directory
ERROR: Failed to find a 'configdir' path in the Kismet config file, ignoring
local plugins.
INFO: Source 0 (wifi): Enabling monitor mode for pcapfile source interface /home
/rnewman/kismet-newcore-latest/traffic.dump channel 0...
INFO: Source 0 (wifi): Opening pcapfile source interface
INFO: Source 0 (wifi): Opened source. UUID: 0000de12-6eb6-11dd-8e9d-f30417208712
INFO: Starting GPS components...
INFO: GPS support disabled in kismet.conf
INFO: Kismet drone starting to gather packets

Nothing happens further. I believe that I should see messages similar to the server like:

INFO: Detected new probe network "log101", BSSID 00:0B:46:BD:41:33, encryption
no, channel 0, 11.00 mbit
INFO: Detected new data network "<Unknown>", BSSID 5B:64:9F:6D:F6:22,
encryption no, channel 0, 0.00 mbit
INFO: Saving data files
INFO: Detected new ad-hoc network "<Hidden SSID>", BSSID C6:00:E2:03:1A:03,
encryption yes, channel 0, 0.00 mbit
INFO: Detected new probe network "<Any>", BSSID 00:13:CE:72:FD:42, encryption
no, channel 0, 54.00 mbit

But I get nothing.

So should I see messages from the drone after it starts up, or will it sit idle until it has been connected to from a server?

How is the kismet.conf supposed to be configured for a drone collection? There are params pertaining to listen= and dronelisten=. And what does the client connect to for viewing information? Does it connect to the server port 2501 or the drone port 3501? Or does it matter?

Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I'm close, but it seems that I'm missing something.


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