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Posted by:dragorn
Date:08:02:33 14/08/2008

> > > Sorry forgot to say. Running under OSX 10.4.11 with latest SVN development version. Source=darwin,en1,airport_extreme,11.
> >
> > [edit, thought I was replying to a different problem]
> >
> > I think you might need to upgrade darwin. Latest kismet (stable and newcore) should account for all the device oddities as of the latest OSX, not entirely sure how 10.4 behaves.
> >
> > -m
> Hi Dragorn,
> I tried the lastest kismet (Kismet-2008-05-R1) before trying the development version, same result. Will try the newcore version, but I thought from the changelog dates that this was older than the stable kismet.

As someone else on IRC just discovered - did you install kismet from macports first? If you did, it's probably higher in your $PATH and will get executed first, making all your testing moot.

That said, a bcom on darwin on 10.4 *should* be using wlt after en1 is set to promisc mode, afaik. On 10.5, it does not.


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