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Posted by:Chillout
Subject:Not seeing all networks correctly?
Date:02:07:02 14/08/2008


For some time I've been using Kismet on my Asus WL500g Premium to monitor wireless activities in my neighbourhood. Recently, I discovered two strange things:

- Less networks seem to appear: I used to have about 8 networks, now only 5 appear. The network next door is visible on my laptop and on my PDA, but my Kismet-equipped WL500G not anymore, while it was there in the past... I didn't change my setup, neither did the neighbours (I asked them). Does this mean my router is breaking down or something like that?

- Encrypted networks appear as open, and open networks appear as encrypted ones: There's one open network in range, but after a day or so, it appears as encrypted. This is logical, one packet containing the crypt-flag and it will appear as encrypted. But I also see it the other way around: encrypted networks show up as open ones in the network list, while my PDA and laptop see them as encrypted ones. Kismet has always been like this in my setup. Strange... but not that bad. Can this be solved?

I hope someone can help me find the answers, thanks in advance!

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