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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:newcore: Failed to open pcap dump file
Date:14:23:29 11/08/2008

> > c) try turning off ppi logging
> Thank you, that worked - but then in the UI it says "No networks seen" (after I successfully connect to server). I have three NIC that I test with newcore:
> source=madwifi_g,wifi0,Atheros
> source=ipw2100,eth1,Intel
> source=orinoco,eth1,Orinoco
> All of them work nicely with previous versions of kismet (2008-05-R1,2007.10.R1), but none seems to work with newcore for me. Am I still missing something?

Should work - I use atheros for the majority of my testing/dev. Nothing much has changed with ipw, I can't say I know about orinoco anymore, the hardware/dev is relatively dead at this point. I'm using the latest madwifi-ng with autocreate=none on load. I've tested w/ ath5k on newer kernels and fixed kismets issues with it so there shouldn't be any issues there.

> Essentially, what I need is per-packet signal strength (RSSI), is there *any* way to do this with 2008-05-R1 or svn devel? Otherwise, what (PCMCIA/USB) NICs are known to be supported by newcore that allow me to dump PPI format?

PPI is extrapolated from the radio headers (kismet parses all the headers into it's own internal representation, then reformats those into PPI on output), so anything that reports rtap should provide the info needed to populate PPI output.

[edit] Run kismet_server in one terminal and the newcore client in another and see what's going on - I don't suggest using the kismet loader script right now, and I'm about to change how all that gets loaded to make it easier in the future to configure/manage. Maybe something funny is going on w/ what kismet gets loaded.


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