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Posted by:Habakster
Subject:newcore: Failed to open pcap dump file
Date:12:38:29 11/08/2008

> c) try turning off ppi logging

Thank you, that worked - but then in the UI it says "No networks seen" (after I successfully connect to server). I have three NIC that I test with newcore:


All of them work nicely with previous versions of kismet (2008-05-R1,2007.10.R1), but none seems to work with newcore for me. Am I still missing something?

Essentially, what I need is per-packet signal strength (RSSI), is there *any* way to do this with 2008-05-R1 or svn devel? Otherwise, what (PCMCIA/USB) NICs are known to be supported by newcore that allow me to dump PPI format?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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