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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:newcore: Failed to open pcap dump file
Date:09:26:09 11/08/2008

> I need kismet to dump per-packet signal strength information; a previous post suggested that this is available when kismet uses PPI headers which is supported (only?) by newcore. I pulled the current newcore from svn, compiled+installed successfully. After updating my kismet.conf I ran kismet (as root), and got the following error (linux, ubuntu hardy):
> INFO: Registering dumpfiles...
> INFO: Pcap log in PPI format
> FATAL: Failed to open pcap dump file 'Kismet-Aug-10-2008-1.pcapdump':
> Permission denied
> Shutting down log files...

a) check that the suiduser for kismet can write to the directory you configured for logging
b) make sure you have the latest libpcap with ppi support, pcap seems to report incorrect errors when it doesn't understand the DLT (which is silly, since it doesn't need to understand the DLT when writing)
c) try turning off ppi logging


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