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Posted by:RNewman
Subject:Newcore Drone / Server Configuration
Date:10:21:31 06/08/2008

> > Hi all,
> > I have managed to get a stable wireless driver version and OS.
> > I have two wireless scanners running and they work fine as standalone systems. Now I would like to configure them as drones and report back to a central server.
> >
> > The kismet_drone.conf is fairly straight forward, and I believe that it is configured correctly as I see it acquire my wifi card and validate that it is monitor mode. It creates a kismet drone TCP server on port 2502 and starts to gather packets. After that there are no other messages, including a message that would indicate a server connected to it.
> >
> > In my server configuration I set up a source with drone,tcp://ipadd:2502,wifi1 - I'm hoping this is correct, but I'm not sure.
> >
> > Anyway, there seems to be very little documentation on how to setup the drone / server configuration. Anyone who has this setup and can point me in the right direction would be great!
> That's about all it should take.
> Make sure you're not firewalling, and that the drone is bound to a real IP, not loopback.
> -m
No firewall, two drones and server are all on the same physical/logical net.

There is a section in kismet.conf that talks about drone + server. It has dronelisten and other drone directives. Do I comment out the Client/Server section in lieu of the Server + Drone section?

A quick trace shows the server issuing a TCP ACK to the drone, and the drone responding with a ACK-RST.

Not sure why and the drone is not issuing any messages. Iptables list shows there are no policies in place. I can telnet from the server to the drone on port 2502 and issues commands. Any command that might shed some light?


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