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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:sources for kismet
Date:09:27:36 06/08/2008

> Hi I'm new to kismet and have a question about my sources.
> these are my sources:
> source=ipw3945,wifi0,intel,11
> source=iwl3945,wifi0,intel,11
> source=ipwlivetap,wifi0,livetap,11
> (they all work)
> Are there any advantages* in having duplicates because I think they are overlapping?
> And if no wich entery(s) should i remove?
> Idea's on the matter are welcome.
> (*does the word need another 'd'?)

ipw3945 is for the (now deprecated) ipw drivers.

iwl3945 is for the new kernel-mainline iwl drivers.

livetap is for non-hopping simultaneous rfmon on the ipw drivers, it doesn't have any relationship to the iwl drivers.

Pick whichever one applies to the drivers you're using.

Kismet generally tries to "do the right thing" so it will try a few config options, especially on sources which have historically had more change in their control mechanisms, so depending on the card you can sometimes get overlap between sources working properly.


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