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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet + iwl3945 = Kernel panic ??
Date:07:31:54 31/07/2008

> Hi there,
> I'm not a new user to kismet, been using it with my atheros wireless card using madwifi-ng but now, I'm trying to use it with my intel 3945 wireless card using the iwl3945 drivers. Using the latest snapshot from the svn, kismet starts without any problems using the iwl3945 driver and my interface in monitor mode (mon0). I can see networks around and clients associated with them. Only problem, after a couple of minutes, I'm always getting a kernel panic. I'm using ubuntu 8.04 with kernel 2.6.24-19 with the 2008-07-30 version of compat-wireless drivers and the injection patch.
> Using aircrack-ng for example during a long time does not crash the kernel. Only way to reproduce is simply to let kismet run for a couple of minutes (2-3 min) and all of the sudden, I'll get a kernel panic.
> Does anyone knows how I can help the devs get more informations on why this is appenning ?? Thanks !

The IWL drivers are highly unstable. I've yet to get them to work acceptably in rfmon, period.

I have commented several times on the kernel lists. they're slowly getting better.

As it stands, I don't even try to use my iwl card for monitor mode, I've fallen back to using a cardbus atheros card. wireless-git should work in rfmon, I don't know that the changes have made it into .26. -git is too unstable for me to use for other reasons however.

I suggest you send your panic traces to the kernel devs (lkml-wireless on vger). Userspace should never be able to cause a kernel panic.


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