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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet cannot trace connected clients
Date:09:34:52 29/07/2008

> > > hello , i m a noob with both kismet (and backtrack 3 which i am using). i do an <<iwconfig>> in a konsole and the name of my interface(?) is wlan0. next to it says <<mode:monitor>> which i believe is what we want it to be. i close the konsole , open kismet and it traces the wireless networks around and pretty much everything seems to be working right except that it can never trace any connected clients (by pressing shift+c) to the APs it has traced. any ideas?
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> > It hasn't seen any, either because there aren't any, or they aren't transmitting while kismet is on that channel, or your drivers are broken and don't report data frames (also plausible).
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> > -m
> of these 3 cases, it is probably the last, but which exactly drivers r u talking about ? i run kismet (and backtrack) at a laptop with NO hard this the problem then ? do i need a hard drive with the right drivers istalled?
> thnx again

You need drivers for your wireless NIC (whatever it is, you didn't say) that report data frames properly. I have no idea what you have (or what bt provides for drivers, for that matter) but it looks like whatever it is, is a bad combination.

A common semi-fail state for rfmon is mgmt/beacon frames only, especially with some of the mac80211 based drivers like iwl and newer revs of other drivers since moving to mac80211. The only fix is a custom kernel w/ the latest cutting edge drivers (or the compat-wireless modules backported), or to wait for the fixes to go mainline and get picked up.


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