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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Lirc to control, and more speech in windows
Date:10:48:50 25/07/2008

> I am using lirc for kismet(very shadow :) ), but this is no comfortable!
> Too much more external scripts, also i need give some parameters to external program, this in my case too hard!
> Authors planned integrate lirc to kismet? Myabe only hope? In future?
> And i think speech in informational windows dont do too hard? (maybe this need say in other semantics)
> This things, what im collecting(and probing externally) for 1/2 years.
> But this is very comfortable for wardriving(warwolking) on territory with guards :) hes, really - not understand "what you staying in that place" :), and nervous - touching strap of bag(where places tv-control).
> No indicators - only speech(maybe with music) in headphones!

I've never had lirc work on any hardware I had, and now no longer even have IR on a laptop, so don't expect anything from me on that account.

Speaking the contents of windows would probably be tricky/annoying, better to write a speech-only client for it that read out complete info.

As always though, people are welcome to send patches (preferably against newcore for a feature change like this) for stuff I don't have the hw for.


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