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Posted by:Utumno
Subject:Kismet + iwl4965 - status
Date:01:36:05 20/07/2008

I thought I'd share with you how is the latest iwl4965 doing w/ respect to kismet, monitor mode, packet injection etc.

1) Stock 2.6.25 kernel, kismet 2008-05-R1 ( from Debian unstable ) , ThinkPad X61 with

utumno# lspci | grep 4965
03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN Network Connection (rev 61)

Results: managed, ad-hoc mode - works, monitor mode - works, kismet is able to see management packets but no data packets. No matter what I do, it will not see clients nor data packets.

Coming out from monitor mode is kinda problematic: I press 'Q' in kismet, then it either segfaults leaving my card in an unknown state ( rmmod iwl4965; modprobe iwl4965 fixes that ) or sometimes exits cleanly but warns me that resetting the card failed. I still have to rmmod+modprobe to use the card in Managed mode.

Packet injection does not work. Trying out the latest compat-wireless-2008-07-19 + packet injection patches ( tutorial: ) does not work either: such compiled driver does not even work in managed mode, and rmmoding it results in a hard freeze ( there's nothing I can do apart from pushing the reset button )

2) Stock 2.6.26 kernel, latest ( 2008-07-19 ) compat-wireless with packet injection patches for iwl4965 and mac80211 , the same kismet 2008-05-R1 and ThinkPad X61:

Managed, ad-hoc mode fully work. Kismet is now able to see data packets and clients. It appears to fully work now, except for the fact that exiting it sucks even worse now: I press 'Q', it will always hang. The only way to recover is press 'Ctrl-Z' to put it in the background, kill -9 it and rmmod+modprobe the drivers.

Packet injection with AirCrack-ng works, at least the injection test passes. I haven't tried any more sophisticated attacks yet.

Side note: with 2.6.26 also the LED in my laptop (signifying that wireless is being used) started working. So progress in all fronts, except exiting kismet :)

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