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Posted by:KristoferBeck
Subject:GPS file
Date:21:53:28 16/07/2008

> > My GPS file has the following
> >
> > <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
> > <!DOCTYPE gps-run SYSTEM "">
> > <gps-run gps-version="5" start-time="Tue Jul 15 13:30:52 2008">
> >
> > <network-file>/tmp/Kismet-Jul-15-2008-1.xml</network-file>
> >
> >
> > Where are the coordinates?
> You apparently had no gps signal. Coordinates would follow in XML if they had been available.
> An empty file would normally be erased as kismet terminated, so I would assume you killed it in some other way.
> -m

Okay. I don't know what the issue was but I finally got cgps to see a gps unit. I used the deluoGPS unit and not the navibe but they have the same chipset so go figure. Once CGPS sees the unit and can give you location information (latitude and longitude) then Kismet will work. Provide that gps=true in the kismet.conf file. Also if you are logged in as root, do a su kismet (or whatever the username you specify in the kismet.conf file) and then a cd ~ (change directory to ~ - not sure why this works) but it gets rid of the dbus error. At least on mine. Kismet will show your current latitude and longitude while showing detected wifi networks. I really can't understand why sirfmon worked but CGPS had issues. Also, don't forget to do a kismet start and gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0 inside of root. Then switch to your specified user and type in kismet.

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