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Posted by:criuz
Subject:Leopard OS X kismet working but dumpfile not
Date:09:03:11 14/07/2008

> > Hi!
> >
> > I managed to get kismet working under 10.5.1 on my MacBook Pro (1st gen) and I do see networks just fine. But when I am trying to airdecap-ng the dumpfile I do get no results (just CRC Errors). So I assume the dumpfile is being written corrupted?
> I don't have any idea what format aircrack-ng expects things in, kismet writes a standard pcap file...
> -m

aircrack-ng expects a pcap file.. on my Powerbook G4 in OS X 10.4 the dumpfile works great. Maybe some sort of driver issue with the apple airport extreme?

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