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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Sirfmon III gps, no CGPS, and no coordinates in .gps file
Date:13:54:46 08/07/2008

> Hi,
> I'm having trouble using my navibe gps unit with kismet. I have the gpsd running and can see output using sirfmon /dev/ttyUSB0. However, when I run kismet - there is no GPS information showing and the .gps files are empty. I do have the gps=true and gpshost=localhost:2947 set in the kismet.conf file. Oddly, CGPS does not work neither does nc localhost 2947 r. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know what CGPS is.

Netcat/telnet to your gpsd server implies gpsd is borked (not terribly surprising).

Your best bet is to first try to get gpsd working to the point where you can telnet to it, type R=1, and get debug output from it... until then, Kismet won't be able to do much (obviously).

Make sure you're running the latest kismet (stable or newcore) since a bunch of workarounds for gpsd got checked in recently on both, one of the biggest issues is recent gpsd versions don't respond correctly to multiple commands w/in an unknown period of time (most likely, multiple commands received w/in a single read() of their socket) so if you set too many options at once (J=1 and W=1 for example) commands are silently ignored. Depending how you're trying to configure gpsd, you might hit this.


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