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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:no networks found
Date:13:51:52 08/07/2008

> Hello there!
> after some hours of trying i found a configuration which allowed kismet to start:
> source=madwifi_ag,wifi0,atheros
> although if I check the interface of my wlan-card with iwconfig it is on ath0! But only with the above mentioned source configuration kismet starts up and starts scanning the channels. But i can't find any APs.

Read the docs regarding madwifi (or upgrade to the latest version and see if they fixed it), also the multiple warnings issued during startup on a madwifi system. Madwifi doesn't like going into rfmon, you have to reload the module with autocreate=none.

> there is one thing that seems to me to be a bid strange: When i start kismet the connection to my AP is not disconnected and it is also possible to connect while kismet is running. Is this a problem?

No. You can't be on a network and running Kismet. (Again, in the docs.)


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