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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ANY HELP OR COMMENT PLEASE. I see an SSID of an AP that keeps changing.
Date:13:50:37 08/07/2008

> Hi,
> I am using a 2005 version Kismet on my WRT54GS V1.1 loaded with DD-WRT V24 firmware. I have used Kismet for over 2 years to monitor any rogue wifi activity around my network within my neighborhood. I am running Kismet in promiscuous mode, and I see one particular AP that keeps changing its SSID every few seconds, i.e "002/003/004/005/006/007/008/009", then "LoyolaNet, then "NetHound", then "Home (test)", then "default", then "wireless", etc....
> The client associated with this AP occasionally sends out "probe requests" as an un-associated client.
> I read in a similar post that someone saw an SSID change between two different names, and it was related to VLAN sending data, or not. I don't believe this to be true in my case.
> Has anyone else seen what I have described? What do you make of this?

Perfectly expected behavior for a system probing for networks to join. Nothing unusual here.

Newcore tracks multiple SSIDs per BSSID so you will get a list of the SSIDs scanned. Stable does not and will not.


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