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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Newcore drone does not collect packets
Date:13:49:43 08/07/2008

> Hi all,
> I've compiled the latest svn for new core on two separate systems. However when I setup collection using the drone, I do not receive any packets. But when I'm using the server I do get packets. My packet source is set the same so I figure my results should be the same. Am I missing anything or is there something wrong with the drone?

Can't replicate it, works fine here:

INFO: Source 0 (foo): Opening madwifi_g source interface wifi0...
INFO: Source 0 (foo): Opened source. UUID: 00006346-4d2d-11dd-ae14-eb04dc1fdf01
INFO: Created Kismet drone TCP server on port 2502
INFO: Dropped privs to dragorn (1000) gid 1000
INFO: Kismet drone starting to gather packets


INFO: Source 0 (foo): Opening drone source interface tcp://localhost:2502...
INFO: TcpClient connected to localhost:2502
INFO: Source 0 (foo): Opened source. UUID: 0000ace4-4d2d-11dd-a4dc-5c03110fab06
INFO: Inserting basic packet dissectors...
INFO: Kismet starting to gather packets
INFO: Kismet drone client connected to remote server "Kismet-Drone" using
protocol version 1
INFO: Imported capture source 'madwifi_g,foo,kis0' UUID 00006346-4d2d-11dd-ae14-
eb04dc1fdf01 from remote drone
INFO: Detected new managed network "linksys", BSSID 00:1D:7E:32:78:C3,
encryption no, channel 6, 54.00 mbit


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