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Posted by:srmaddox
Subject:FATAL: get ioctl failed 100:Network is down.
Date:14:05:11 24/06/2008

Using a Hawking Technology USB wireless card, and configuring my source as:


I keep getting the error: FATAL: get ioctl failed 100:Network is down.

The driver selection should be right, as it IS a prism card and it works with this config on the liveCD on the same computer, just not on the harddrive install. It also works on other computers with the same config.

I did, however, fix the problem - I'm still unsure how. I configured kismet for my builtin card, "source=ip3945,wlan0,Builtin", and that worked fine. After reverting to the ralink config, it starts and works fine.

In any case, any explanation about the error would be appreciated, and anyone having this problem might try configuring for their builtin card and starting kismet, as it seemed to work for me. Kismet now starts and works reliably each time.

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