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Posted by:goslow2
Subject:tcpdump: pcap_loop: bogus savefile header
Date:17:21:54 23/06/2008

> I haven't seen anything like this... What platform? Sending it a kill is all you need to do, even a kill -9 should result in a usable file since they grow w/out modifying the header...

Let me come clean about my installation. I am running Kismet 2007.10.R1 taken from a backtrack live CD. The reason I did this was because the system I am running Kismet on is an ALIX 3C2 Geode LX system without gcc. So I basically took all the binaries and dependencies from the backtrack Kismet install and put them on the ALIX machine. It runs great, except for the corrupted dump files. Could there be a library that ldd didn't report that may be missing?

I will re-compile the version you suggested on another X86 machine and report back.


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